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Now that I have your attention yes, we (Kazo and I [kaarosu]) are now working on a translation patch for Pokemon Black and White! At the moment we are putting priority on anything that involves the battling part of the game (Pokemon Battles) and we will release it once we feel satisfied with it. This was more of a informative post than anything but look forward to it! For now I leave you with some screenshots. Feel free to leave any suggestions and comments, later!

Contributing to this Project The procedure is the following. If you want to contribute, fork the project on github, translate the text in a file, then commit your changes, all commits will be revised and the ones deemed adequate will be pulled into the master branch of the project and used in the patch. To install git on windows you can follow the instructions here: or a recommended git gui tool is git-cola but feel free to use it through command line or any other gui tool. Help for github can be found at or you may ask in our our #projectpokemon irc channel.

If you are interested in translating to another language please fork the original project and name yours something like Pokemon Black White [Language] Translation we will clone those and generate patches, when you tell us that there is enough progress for a patch to be generated.



Translation Text List Stats:
The following files have been finished or at least edited so far: 0-15,18,21,25,30,35,44,53,54,60,61,64,70,80,90,179,1 81,182,199,204,271,272 <== I've lost track of these for now but i'll get back to checking what's done asap

Feel free to submit other translations as well, especially looking for the following: 12-13[PC Box Stuff], 16-18[Battle Status effects(?)] Leave a reply with what you want to do or have done or just send a PM! 

Those are the ones I can think of right away that'll help us get close to a v1 release thanks for all the contributions and suggestions!

Who is working on what Right Now:
This is a list to show who is working on what in order to avoid two people working on the same thing. If you want to reserve any of them let me know and I'll update this asap.
njt/karire/mattmagician/kaarosu: 16 ~around 35% done (To see the progress of this file feel free to look it up in the git... ) as you can see this one is fun!
kazo: 17